We’re in business to 
protect your business.

Whether your company provides patient care, hair care, or customer care, Sasomei™ has personal protective products that work for you. Let us take care of your safety needs so you can take care of your business.


    Keep your salon safe and sanitary with Sasomei™ personal protective products designed to protect stylists and clients. From gowns and gloves, to face shields and masks, Sasomei™ will help keep your beauty business open for business.

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    Sasomei™ is at your service to ensure your customers and staff are fully protected. Our line of five-star personal protective products includes face shields, masks, gloves, and sanitizers that serve your business without the wait time.

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    When you choose Sasomei™ as your personal protective products partner, we’ll work together to help you choose the perfect products to ensure that government workers can keep working safely and securely on both sides of the aisle.

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    Sasomei™ knows our health care heroes need premium PPE they can count on without delay, every day. We take pride in our top quality products and timely shipping, so you can provide reliable, essential protection for all your essential workers

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    Sasomei™ helps keep your warehouse and workplace sanitary and safe. Our line of top-quality personal protective products, from masks and gloves, to face shields and sanitizers, helps protect your workers from the loading dock door to the factory floor.

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    Are you in the market for the perfect protection essentials to help keep your stores and shoppers safe? Sasomei™ has you covered with a full line of premium personal protective products, so you can focus on sales and let us focus on safety.

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