Our products are created with your health and safety in mind. We bring knowledge, reliability and selection to meet your personal protection needs.

Sasomei is a proud sister company of Auraline Beauty and IBY Beauty. For more than a decade, Auraline and IBY have been serving the beauty industry as a leader in private-label beauty and direct-to-consumer cosmetics. We utilized our expertise in product development, manufacturing and import/export trade to develop our line of personal protection equipment. We take pride in our products, and are committed to conducting first-grade tests to ensure the highest quality and performance of our products.

“Together we can all protect each other by protecting ourselves. Your safety is our priority.”

Debbie Leon
Founder and CEO,
Sasomei LLC 

Sasomei is a combination of Debbie Leon’s two US-born daughters and her mother’s Chinese name: Sasha + Sophia + Mei. She named this company after them because protecting them is the most important priority in her life. Her hope is that Sasomei will provide the products needed so people can protect themselves and their families wherever they are.