Three Easy Tests To Verify Mask Quality

Three Easy Tests To Verify Mask Quality

KN95 face masks are known for being some of the best, high-quality masks you can get - protecting the immune-compromised, healthcare workers and beyond from exposure to COVID-19. With the massive and sudden increase in demand in such masks, authentic suppliers are finding it difficult to keep up. The result? False replicas invading the market, being sold at sky-high prices, exploiting the masses.

True KN95 masks filter 95 percent of microorganisms and particles, protecting the wearer from airborne viruses when worn correctly. Imposter masks may look similar in appearance, but the difference lies in the permeability, flammability and liquid resistance of the counterfeit material; factors that wholly impact the masks’ ability to filter dangerous contagions.

Due to suppliers taking advantage of the pandemic and charging exuberant prices for NK95’s, Google and Facebook have prohibited advertising around them. Unfortunately, this has made it increasingly difficult for individuals to purchase “real deal” masks.

COVID-10 mask profiteering is real, with folks selling protective gear to medical facilities at over 700% markup. The punishment associated with such exploitation is no joke either. Regardless, there is still an abundance of counterfeit sellers on the market, which has left the majority of us questioning whether or not our mask is real, and how it truly works.


Below are (3) easy tests that can help you verify your mask’s quality from home, in 10-seconds or less:

Test #1

What’s Needed: 1 Lighter

  1. Put your face mask on
  2. Spark the lighter six inches from your mouth
  3. Try to blow out the flame

Authentic mask: You will not be able to blow the flame out.

Poor quality mask: You can easily extinguish the flame.

What’s the deal? Certified, lab-tested KN95 masks are made of strong, yet breathable, full mesh nylon. In simple terms, this means the material blocks harmful contagions during inhalations and exhalations, while allowing for comfortable air circulation.


Test #2

What’s Needed: 1 Packet of Sweet and Low

  1. Put your face mask on
  2. Empty contents of Sweet and Low packet on a spoon
  3. Sniff the spoon with the mask on and the mask off

Authentic mask: You can barely smell the scent.

Poor quality mask: You can smell the saccharin abundantly. 

What’s the deal? Certified, lab-tested KN95 masks are designed to filter out 95% of particles sized 3 microns or larger. Saccharin particles are 7 microns in size, so if you can smell its scent through your mask, chances are the filtration ability of your mask is sub-par.


Test #3

What’s Needed: Water 

  1. Hold your mask by the elastic bands, inside facing up
  2. Fill your mask with water

Authentic mask: The mask holds the water with no leakage.

Poor quality mask: Water leaks from the mask.

What’s the deal? Official (surgical) masks must have a waterproof layer to protect the wearer from splashes of biological fluids. 

High quality, protective masks are critical for anyone incapable of social distancing during this time – healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, postal workers, and employees of essential businesses. They are also important for the immune-compromised and virtually everyone traveling to the grocery store or gas station.

At Sasomei, our mission is to provide personal protection with a personal touch. Our masks and protective equipment are created with your health and safety in mind. We understand that together we can all protect each other by protecting ourselves first. If you’re seeking the support of a protective facemask today, look no further. We’re here to support you during this time and are committed to providing top-notch, high-quality products.


Your trust is our utmost concern and your safety is our commitment.